Alaska Neck Socks

Get Warm! Stay Warm!

About Us

We moved to Alaska two years ago, and were introduced to these fun psuedo-scarves as soon as the snow rolled in (which was in mid-September).  We were not able to find them for sale anywhere here so, being a fairly accomplished seamstress, I made several for my kids.  My then-8-year-old son dubbed them Neck Socks.  

He had been looking for a way to earn money for all the things an 8 year old boy "needs".  And since he and his sister were also interested in sewing, he asked if we could start a Neck Sock business.  So, here it is.  Oh, and the kids get the profits!


My son has Asperger Syndrome. To learn more about it, visit my blog

               Fun with Neck Socks!