Alaska Neck Socks

Get Warm! Stay Warm!

Sizing Chart

To figure out which size will be right for you, measure around the middle of your head.  Make sure to go around your ears and nose.  This will ensure a comfortable fit when you want to use the neck sock as a face mask.


Size                                  Measurement               Approximate Age Group

Extra Small (XS)               19" diameter                      up to 4 years

Small (S)                            20" diameter                      5-6 years

Medium (M)                      21" diameter                      7-10 years

Large (L)                            22" diameter                      11-15 years

Extra Large (XL)               23" diameter                      16 and up, or typical adult woman

Extra Extra Large (XXL)  24" diameter                      Geniuses 16 and up, or typical adult man


Custom Sizes are available.  Just contact us with the size and fabric you want, and we will confirm your order and then your custom neck sock will be on the way!